Kickstarter: The Ultimate iPad/Android Arcade Machine

The demo video is a bit rough, but it’s just that, a demo. The thought process is solid though: An iPad arcade machine with joystick, built-in pico projector and speakers. Of course there’s some kinks to be worked out in both the design and concept mainly because there’s already a popular competitor through ThinkGeek. Still, this homebrew option should be able to stand on its own as long as it’s funded.

The creator, Justin Hubbard, is looking to raise $10,000 through Kickstarter. The monies would be used primarily for the purchase of an CNC machine, which will cut down production time and expenses.

Is it worth your money? Maybe. It’s not exactly novel, but it’s still clever with the pico projector built in and the neat artwork. At least with a $25 pledge, Justin will ship you a 3D printed iPad magnetic mount, which seems more than fair. $200 gets you the complete DIY arcade kit with $300 netting you a fully-assembled unit.