Gmail Gains Delegation Feature: Who Wants To Answer All My Email?

<Insert standard quip about Inbox Overload here.> I know, right? We all suffer from it. But what if you could get someone else to answer all your email? Well, if you can find such a person, Gmail has a new feature to let you grant them access to your account.

Yes, Gmail now supports full email delegation. By way of a new feature in settings, you can grant another Google account holder access to your email account. This allows another person to both send and receive emails on behalf of your account.

This feature has been available for some time for Google Apps accounts. But sometimes regular people have assistants too — or simply email addresses that they’d like multiple people to manage in a more coherent way. For example, when a message is sent from the account with access to yours, it appear as being from your address, but with include “sent by”. Nifty.

So, who wants to answer all my email? I can’t pay you, but you can get first look rights at hundreds of wonderful PR pitches a day. Totally worth it.