Assange granted bail, but appeal by Swedish prosecutors puts him back in the cells

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It’s not over till it’s over huh. Wikileaks head Julian Assange has been granted bail. However, an immediate appeal lodged by Swedish prosecutors trying to have him extradited to Sweden to face rape allegations means that he must now stay in custody until the appeal is heard at some time in the next 48 hours. It’s not known when, as yet.

Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephens, best known for defending human rights cases, told reporters outside court that “they want to put Mr Assange through more hurdles and expense,” and that the case was turning into a “a show trial.” Conditional bail had been set at £200,000, put up by a host of celebrities who are backing Assange, including U.S. filmmaker Michael Moore. Crowds of protesters have been surrounding every episode outside court, some dressed in Assange masks.

The full list of the charges which the Swedish court hopes to bring at a trial in Stockholm are here. Best put your TMZ hat on.

The bail being granted was largely down to an address in the UK being found where the Australian can remain during the extradition trial. This will be the 600-acre country estate owned by supporter Vaughn Smith, a former Army captain who founded and runs The Frontline Club for journalists where Assange has made regular public appearances and where he was staying prior to the case being brought. (Frontline has played host to a succesion of journalists and bloggers over the years, including tech ones, but it’s never known as much notoriety as this).

It has to be said that the to-and-froing over this case could probably have been avoided. The judge was singularly unimpressed with a PO Box “address” put forward by Assange at a previous bail application a week ago.

The £200,000 bail can not be provided by Visa, MasterCard or cheque, and will be posted in cash – presumably since Wikileaks has severed all ties with those organisations after they cancelled its accounts.

Assange was photographed in a prison van as he arrived at court. He has been held in solitary confinement in Wandsworth Prison with only 30 minutes per day to exercise, and is denied both mail and communication with other inmates.

Assange has denied all allegations, which he says stem from a dispute with two women (whom he met at a conference in Sweden) over “consensual but unprotected sex”.

Update: The web site for Marianne Ny, the chief Swedish prosecutor, is down, and possibly under a DDOS attack.

  • Steve from Find Lawyer

    Amazing how on this matter international co-operation is flawless!

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  • Ashish

    yes, put him in jail.. because he is trying to bring true face of American government in front of the entire world…

    • jon

      Because the other governments around the globe are spotless little saints?

      And before you start pulling out all this “we the people” crap, dont forget that the reason government is messed up is due in large part to the actions and ideas of its people.

      • James

        Your are right, but nobody claims to be the land of the free!

    • John

      No, put him in jail because he is a rapist.

  • james

    I don’t he will fair very well in prison. I hope they separate him from the general population for his own safety.

  • Anon

    Assange’s legal team and supporters are the ones turning this into a “show trial”.

    • Dee

      Said “Anon”. Lol, good luck with ddosing sites you are told.. Internet merc.

  • Luke from the USA

    you europeans are just so primitive. you try to destroy the USA instead of trying to create new technology and wealth. That is why you people do not develop any new technology. Look at all the innovative companies–Google, facebook, IBM, Youtube, Apple etc–all of them are american.

    That is because we want to make the world a BETTER place. We don’t just want to destroy and hurt others, like you Europeans want to.

    Oh yes, and we WILL being freedom to Afghanistan, just as we did to IRAQ and South Korea and Japan and EUROPE after WW2.

    • Darren

      How quaint that you still believe that the US does anything to make the world a better place. Everything the US does is for military and economic domination. Why did the US invade Iraq and not Sudan (Dafur)?

      • jarra

        John, come on now. The U.S. invaded Iraq because it would someday become a strategic position for a new Twitter server. Everyone knows that. Please!

    • Dee

      God damn Iraq is so free, your mom goes there on vacation. LOL

  • jarra

    I remember when this story was about leaked information. The information must have been pretty lame and unexciting because all we get from the headlines is the fallout on the guy who leaked it.

    Snooze… where’s the meat?

    • John

      The leaked cables were the equivalent of drunken Facebook posts. Not something you want to admit to in the light of day, but nothing so serious that the governments of the world will fall.

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  • Harold

    You are a wuss, Monsieur Butcher — censoring my posts for what reason, pray tell ?

  • Ziad Salloum

    He is an unfortunate guy I guess. From what I read of the “rape” charges, they are really silly. I hope they don’t want to punish him because of the leaks.
    What I still don’t understand is why this hatred against him and not against those who leaked in the 1st place.
    I am sure with the security measures and technological advance the govs can pin point those who have leaked those documents

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  • Harold
  • Linda Love

    I think this will be an epic fight

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