With Earpiece Failures Abound, The Motorola DEFY Might Not Be As Rugged As Once Thought

The Motorola Defy is one tough cookie — at least, it managed to make it through a week of us tossing it around, plopping it into glasses of water, and using it for a round or two of cell-phone soccer.

Alas, it appears it may have a bit of an Achilles’ heel — or, more accurately, an Achilles’ ear.

Just weeks after the device’s launch back in early November, reports are now trickling in from users around the Internets that the handset’s earpiece tends to flake out. Motorola says they’re on the case, but a few e-sleuths are already digging in. Their current theory? The headphone jack puts too much strain on the earpiece, eventually breaking important connections and making the earpiece go silent. Uh oh.

We’ll keep you updated.

Source: Moto Support forums [Via Android Police]