The iGrill Turns Your iPhone Into The World's Flashiest Meat Thermometer

People are coming over, and it’s finally time to prove that you’re a better cook than big-mouthed Bob in accounting. But the game is on — and for some reason, you put the TV about as far from the oven as physically possible. Fortunately, friend, you live in the future. A future where there’s an iPhone app for absolutely everything — and if it’s something the iPhone can’t handle out of the box, there’s a whacky hardware add-on that’ll do the trick.

At CES in just a few weeks, a company called iDevices will launch their first product, and it’s one that’ll let you watch the game and show up Bob with your bangin’ roast. Meet the iGrill, the world’s first.. Bluetooth meat thermometer. Yep.

The iGrill is a two part system: the iGrill itself, and the iGrill companion app. The iGrill camps out on your oven or stove while a metal probe runs from it to the innards of your meat feast, reporting the current temp back to the iGrill companion iPhone app via the magic that is Bluetooth. The iPhone app will start buzzin’ at you as soon as a pre-set temperature requirement is hit, or you can just glance down for a quick read-out of the current levels. Oh, and because burning a perfectly good roast just because you dropped your iPhone between the couch cushions would be pretty bad news, the iGrill unit itself will work as a standalone meat thermometer/temp display whether you’ve got an iOS device paired to it or not.

The iGrill will set you back $99 by default, or $119 if you want to add on an extra temperature probe for twice the meat-measuring.

And yes, this thing is totally ridiculous. But I still want it.

[The iGrill Product Page]