Hey, Steve, Mark, Biz or Ron – would you like to speak at TechCrunch Moscow?

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What started out as a simple idea to try to explore Russia’s emerging Internet technology over an afternoon event in Moscow quickly gathered momentum. Which is why, on Monday December 13, TechCrunch Europe is coming to Moscow, Russia, for our first ever TechCrunch Moscow (to be held in English).

But we also decided that it would be awesome to have some Silicon Valley players attend virtually, either by video feed or via the telepresence equipment kindly provided by Cisco from their Valley offices. It beats traveling from the US.

So this is an unashamed appeal: if you are Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs or someone of that elite level, then we’d love you to appear on stage via video link. Let’s build some links between Russia and the Valley. Maybe Ron Conway or Evan Williams / Biz Stone is available? We don’t know – that’s why we’re making this appeal. So, Ron, Biz, Steve or Mark – if you’re free, then contact TechCrunch Europe Editor Mike Butcher (mikebutcher AT Thanks.

TechCrunch Moscow will be held at the first Russian private tech incubator, the Digital October Center, located in a historical manufacturing building Krasny Oktyabr (or “Red October” / Красный Октябрь in Russian). You can buy tickets here and attendees will enjoy a full day packed with speeches by the leaders of the industry, networking opportunities and a chance to preview promising Russian tech startups.

Co-organised by TechCrunch Europe together with Kite Ventures and Telemarker, our partners have also put together a dedicated event web site and a dedicated Twitter feed. We’ll be using the hashtag #TCMoscow.

The conference will focus on the key issues regarding tech entrepreneurship in Russia. TechCrunch Moscow is about supporting the startup and venture capital eco-system in Moscow and Russia. It’s also about uncovering the trends and the hottest companies and startups in the market right now.

Speakers include Arkady Dvorkovich, assistant to the President of Russia; Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine; Annelies van Den Belt, CEO of SUP/Livejournal; Semyon Voinov, founder of Zeptolab and creator of “Cut the Rope”; Demyan Kudriavtsev, CEO of Kommersant; Oskar Hartmann, founder and CEO of KupiVip, and many others.

  • Anonymous

    In Soviet Russia, Steve, Mark Biz, or Ron Speak you!

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  • Gergely Orosz

    “The conference will focus on the key issues regarding tech entrepreneurship in Russia” – so why aren’t you calling for startups in Russia to raise their hands? It’s pathetic that this is your way of trying to reach out some big guns who you don’t have contacts with.

    • fedd

      if one knows Arkady Dvorkovich, then via Mr Medvedev he knows Mr Jobs.

    • Psycho

      Russian startups will be on “Startup Battle”, that will be held during the event.

      • Mike Butcher

        Gergely – If you look at the programme we actually have a lot of great Russian speakers and panelists already. And there will be a startup competition. This call out is for speakers who’d like to interface with Russia from Silicon Valley. Just that simple.

      • Charles

        Hey gergely its bringing the other side of the world and our side together, that is what helps business 2 business expand beyond the walls of local internet.

      • Alex Babin

        Mike, I’m on your side for calling “top dogs” from the valley to participate at TC Moscow. I am one of the guys that will take part of “Start-up Battle” with my company and that will sure be the greatest thing to see or here there Steve or Mark or Ron.

  • David

    Maybe if you didn’t misspell the Zuck’s name, he’d consider… remember: in Soviet Russia, spelling checks you!

    • fedd

      this “joke” is button accordion here

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  • MGZ


  • BitShare

    Guess your phone calls to their offices for this event went unanswered and now you feel the need to appeal via your blog – which you are assuming they actually read it.

    • Mike Butcher

      Just a general call out.

  • Hey, Steve, Mark, Biz veya Ron

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  • jon

    this article just made me delete techcrunch from my rss reader. pathetic.

  • Ahmad Takatkah

    We at can help you big time if you ever decided to have TechCrunch Dubai. We would like to learn from your experience.

  • Callum Jones

    I’m confused, at the Europas the theme of the night was basically “Europe isn’t Silicon Valley, we don’t need to operate in the shadow of the US. Let’s be original and do it for ourselves”. I even heard someone say “screw” Silicon Valley.

    But now you are begging US luminaries to add some sparkle to your event?

    It seems to me this attempt to carve out the Europe tech scene as being different from the US is two steps forward, one step back. Heck you guys even still call it the Silicon Roundabout?

    • wol

      good comment… & do we need anything ‘silicon’ if we’re calling areas anything ?! – the US will always be 2 steps ahead – why do we feel the need to try and compete – let us just make good tech companies, turn a profit & employ people. why the necessant need to try and be a clone.

  • Ukrainian

    Did anybody reply?
    During the last Google event in Kiev, Eric Schmidt (“Saruman”) spoke to Kiev’s businessmen using videochat (“palantir”)

  • Val Jerdes

    Tough timing – on this same day there’s a big 2-day “Russian Innovation” conference at Skolkovo, where all of the “big guns” (including Dvorkovich) will be speaking. Wish it was a few days later…

    • Psycho

      Dvorkovich will have a tough day tomorrow – he is speaking both in Skolkovo and at Techcrunch Moscow.

  • Matt

    In Sovjet Russia, social networking mean passing notes to person in next gulag cell.

    • Psycho

      Ah, forget it – we don’t judge nowadaysGermany basing on what happened during World War II, don’t we?

      • JB

        If Russia becomes a world leader in technology in the next 20 years, I’ll cut off my pinkie. Not that there aren’t quite a few very smart people there, but it’s not an environment conducive to long term business planning. Never was, never will be.

      • Bastian Lehmann

        Can we leave the Germans out for once!

      • derloos

        Bastian, just like Americans will never cease to be portrayed as fat f…s, Finns as retarded frozen morons with bizzare sense of humour, etc. Every nation has their own set of burdens :-)

  • Antonio

    No one from DST going to TC Moscow?! Very disappointing…

  • YA

    Did anyone respond?

  • Hey, Steve, Mark, Biz or Ron – Want To Speak At TechCrunch Moscow? #TCMoscow | Oh, Sugar!

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  • Alex Babin

    Thanks for the great event! We didn’t win the Startup Battle but enjoyed the whole thing a lot! Thank you Mike!

  • Linda Lovely

    Good idea, its a beautiful country

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