Viber CEO Talmon Marco at Le Web (TCTV)

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Viber, a new free iPhone application (iTunes link that works like an always-on version of skype on your iPhone has been a smash hit – getting three million downloads after we broke it’s launch on TechCrunch.

Viber lets you make 100% free calls to other Viber users over 3G and WiFi runs in the background without draining your battery. It’s not about to overtake Skype, but then again, it’s doing something we’d all like Skype to do, right?

I spoke to Viber Media founder Talmon Marco at Le Web about what’s happened since the launch.

  • jan de waard

    Viber good application when you use wifi .. on 3 g useless.. hope it will improve soon ..

    • Shocher

      Works great for me on 3G, sound quality is better than my cell provider call quality in most cases.

  • Stephane

    Good interview!

    It’s great that VoIP app have success.

    But, I don’t understand the interest in Viber more than any other VoIP app, except the fact that you don’t need to subscribe (similar method to Tango & What’s App).

    In the other hand, Viber don’t offer (cheap) call to landline or cellular, SMS, click-to-call, or any new innovative VoIP services.

    Skype, Vonage, Sipgate, Google Voice or ippi (I am the co-founder), we are all doing the same since the beginning : we offer free call “user to user” or even “SIP to SIP’.

    Good luck to Viber ;)

  • Erik

    No ads, free, free, free, where does the funding come from?

  • Herman Hintzen

    whatever happened to Fring? It’s been around for over 3 years and does more or less the same as Viber.

  • Linda Lovely

    Wow, what a smart dude

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