Second update to Windows Phone 7 to be announced at MWC in Feb?

If you thought that one big update to Windows Phone 7 was enough for the first quarter of 2011, well… you’re wrong.

According to Winrumors (note the “rumors” part), Steve Ballmer himself will head a keynote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona come Feb 2011, where he will unveil the next “significant” upgrade to WinPho7.

The update will bring a heap of new APIs for developers, that will allow for “greater multi-tasking, in-app downloads and better customization for end users”.

Adding to this rumour, an update to Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 should also be announced at MWC 2011. At least that’s what Brian Keller, Senior Technical Evangelist for Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (can you imagine the size of this guys business card?), hinted at during a recent Channel 9 interview.

All-in-all MWC 2011 should prove to be big news for WinPho7 fans. And, as always, you can bet your best chickens that we’ll be there with all the news as it happens.

[via Engadget]