Qualcomm offers full refunds on FLO TV hardware

Remember back in October when we said that Qualcomm were shutting down their mobile TV service, FLO TV? Do you also recall how Qualcomm were looking at ways of compensating their users? Well, it seems that ol’ Q have now decided on a method of compensation: full refunds on hardware.

All you have to do is fill in a claim form (which will also cancel your service), and you’ll receive a check for the full retail price of the FLO TV hardware as at the time you activated your service.

You’ll also get the unused balance of your subscription refunded onto your credit card.

And you don’t even have to return the hardware to them. Which is nice, I guess.

You have until April 30 to submit a claim for a refund, so if you’re enjoying the service, you might as well wait a little longer before claiming.

Keen to claim? You can find all the information you’ll need, as well as the claim form, here.

Now, to figure out what to do with all those teeny TVs floating around…

[via Phone Arena]