Twitter's Year In Review Begins With A Tweet Tree

It’s that time of year, just before the holidays, when every Web company feels the need to sum up the year. Google has its Zeitgeist as captured by our collective searches and Twitter . . . well, Twitter has the Tweet tree. Twitter is preparing its own year in review and so far the Tweet tree is the only part that is live.

What is the Tweet tree (my name)? It’ s a tree highlighting some of the major figures of Twitterdom who joined the service this year, along with their first Tweets on different branches for each month. Some of the people featured on the “Who’s New On Twitter 2010: celebrity Edition” (actual name) include Bill Gates (January), the Dalai Lama and Conan O’Brien (February), Queen Noor and Billy Idol (March), Kanye West (July), . . . you get the idea. Yeah, it’s pretty lame.

But wait, Twitter gets four more chances to wow us with its hindsight. There are four more circles on the Twitter In Review page which have yet to link to whatever will come after the Twitter tree. Right now, they just indicate that something will be “coming soon.” What will they be? Best Tweets of the Year, Tweets Heard Round The World, Most Retweeted Tweets? Give us your best guesses in comments.