If Chatroulette Had Facebook Connect, People Would Keep Their Pants On

Wine Library founder Gary Vaynerchuk took the stage at Le Web today to talk about the importance of the human element in business. It’s really easy to not take the extremely quotable GaryVee seriously, because he spits out more platitudes than anyone you’ve ever met.

But if you get past tired maxims like “Entrepreneurial success is not about luck…it is about focus and work” and things like “What’s the ROI of your mom” or “All the other bullshit is horseshit,” Vee comes up with some pretty interesting stuff (My “Phone Call Is Dead” post is inspired by a Gary Vee tweet and I’m about to write another one on “Google Is The New Resume” which is also derived from a Vee quote).

His latest? “Chatroulette didn’t work because there was an enormous amount of penis.¬†If¬†Chatroulette had used Facebook Connect people would have kept their pants on.

Sorry guys, but this is just about the most true thing I’ve ever heard. Take note Andrey Ternovskiy, Chatroulette or another video chat startup should implement something like Facebook Connect to make people sign in with their real identities, because putting your real name on something implies a certain responsibility. Penis problem, solved.

You can find an endless supply of the wisdom of GaryVee here. Enjoy.