Can ShoeDazzle Finally Make Celebrity Co-Founders Pay Off? (TCTV)

According to CrunchBase, we have never written about 18-month old ShoeDazzle despite the fact that the company has raised $23 million in two rounds of funding, expects it’ll do $100 million in revenues next year and has Kim Kardashian as a co-founder.

Ok, maybe it’s partially because of that last factor. The Valley has always had an issue with LA and vice-versa. Let’s be honest: We loved it when MySpace fell to Facebook and love it even more when a celebrity fails at our game.

But I don’t think we’ll have that guilty-pleasure with ShoeDazzle. Social commerce is the rage and Jeremy Liew called this company the most underrated in his portfolio. Here’s how it works: You sign up for the site and answer a fun survey about your style. And every month ShoeDazzle’s stylists pick some things out for you. The genius of the model is each pair costs just $39.95, and you can skip a month and pay nothing with no┬árepercussions.

ShoeDazzle can be so cheap because it is manufacturing and designing all its own shoes, and allows celebrities and users to design shoes too. It’s like a combo of CD clubs, Zappos, Threadless and H&M.

It was started by Brian Lee, whose first company LegalZoom is planning to go public next year. I caught up with him in Hollywood to find out more about the company and why he says more LA startups don’t make it big. Video is below.