The Kisai Satellite: More Crazy Tokyoflash Watches

Another day, another crazy Tokyoflash watch. This model, called the Satellite, comes in black and white and separates the hours, minutes, and seconds into zones. It costs $94 and comes with a fancy rubber band. It recharges via USB. The lights spin every 15 minutes and are activated by a button on the side. The LEDs come in Blue or Green.

Easy to read at a glance, Satellite’s display separates elements of time into distinct zones.
Hours are displayed in the upper zone in the same position as hours on a clock, groups of five minutes are displayed in the lower left zone in the same position as minutes on a clock and four single minutes are shown in the lower right zone.
After touching the button, lights showing the current time will flash for a short time to direct you. For more information, take a look at the diagram above and video below.

Product Page (Black)
Product Page (White)