OnLive Has "No Agenda" To Take On Netflix

As OnLive has continued to grow and prove itself not to be an elaborate hoax, it has become clear that their streaming tech is seriously good. So good, in fact, that some speculated that they might get into the business of streaming movies. OnLive CEO Steven Perlman corrected these wild ideas, noting that even when he had earlier said that OnLive could do what Netflix does, he had qualified that statement by noting that Netflix’s strength is really in its library.

I found that the instant streaming of game trailers was a more effective way to watch them than on games sites, and I could easily believe that OnLive could get into streaming a few shows or movies, maybe just game-related stuff. I’d be okay with that, and Netflix probably would be too.

They’ve got a whole market to change here, it’d be weird for them to go shooting off in Netflix’s direction before proving themselves in gaming. So let’s all just calm down.

If anything, if OnLive grows big enough, I can see them offering their service and the microconsole as a frontend for the Netflix service. That might be too complicated, though. Eh. As if streaming hundreds of videos of games being played live isn’t complicated already!