LeWeb Video: Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz on the French startup market

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At Le Web I ran into Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz, serial entrepreneur and now investor. I asked him about the startup market in France, a market which – despite his reputation as a huge globe-trotter – he is intimately acquainted with, being based out of Paris. What was interesting was the extent to which he was quite down on the market, even as we often hear from TechCrunch France that there has been a lot more startup activity in the last 18 months. Unfortunately for these French startup heroes, the over-riding business culture of France is not helping them. Here’s Rodrigo:

  • Greg S.

    Could agree more on the “lack of ambition” part.

    This is exactly how we get for example deezer.com that is (was?) a hit in France, but never suceeded to get anywhere past the borders.

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  • http://www.czechfriendfinder.com/ Laura Lovely

    Great interview good job

  • http://www.m1ke.fr m1ke

    Impressionné par l’excellent niveau en Anglais de Rodrigo. Chapeau !

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