Yahoo Finance Adds Curated Stock Conversations From StockTwits

StockTwits, which curates conversations about stocks, nailed down another impressive business development deal today. Yahoo is now pulling data from the StockTwits API and adding it to individual stock pages – here’s Apple (AAPL) for example. StockTwits has similar deals with CNN, MarketWatch and Bloomberg.

The stream is added under a new area Yahoo is calling Market Pulse, located in the left sidebar of any company page. Here’s the Market Pulse page for Apple, for example. Conversations are in the middle of the page and link back to StockTwits. On the right are trending stocks based on velocity of conversation.

StockTwits originally curated only twitter conversations that included a $[stock symbol] – like “I love Apple $aapl. Last year it moved to its own platform as well as continuing to grab Tweets using the $symbol. Yahoo is only pulling content created directly on the StockTwits platform, however, further distancing the company from it’s Twitter reliance.

StockTwits has raised $8.6 million in venture capital.