Don't Click On Shady Links: New Twitter Worm Making The Rounds

A Twitter virus is on the loose this evening, replicated by people clicking on mobile links shortened with like in this Twitter search. Thus far I’ve seen it spreading through two different urls and but there’s a good chance there are others. The worm also seems to be creating and/or hijacking a number of newer accounts for the past seven or so hours.

The Next Web has traced the URL back to through Securi but the real URL for the second link does not match up, showing a link instead.

Twitter @support representative Troy Holden tells TechCrunch Twitter is on the case, “We’re aware and have sent out password resets for affected users. We’ll monitor the situation in case of further iterations.” In the meantime, don’t click on any suspicious links. Especially if you’re on a cell phone, as it seems to be originating at