The iPhone 4 Diamond Spider, for the Nigerian Prince in your life

Luxury phones, eh? There’s something peculiar about the idea that glueing bits of shiny mineral to a phone increases its worth by 25x.

I mean, I know that diamonds are rare, and I know that they are representative of your social status, but I just can’t comprehend the value in shelling out £15,000 for a device that otherwise costs £599.

Ok, so they throw in a cool phone number (they give the example of 07XXX 111111), and also a 24hr global concierge service, and hey, you can even snag one in white…

…but don’t you already have a phone number? Or some other concierge service (or a PA willing to go the extra mile)? And the white iPhone will be here soonish, too, so, do you really like shiny things that much?

You do? Oh.

But £15,000 is still £15,000.

What!? You earn how much every day?

Never mind then.

The phone is available in the UK, Monaco, United Arab Emirates, and Nigeria through Alexander Amosu.

For those of you that don’t earn enough to purchase this on a whim, you should check the promo video below to be sure of what you’re getting.

[via GSM Arena]