Seedcamp launches its own version of AngelList

Like a European AngelList, Seedcamp has put together the new Seedsummit site to showcase largely European Angels – although it does include US ones as well. It’s a sign that Seedcamp is becoming more international and less geographical. The initiative has grown out of a “Seedsummit” event which the programme put together in London last year where Angels chewed the fat about startups. Angel gate? Hardly – more like the first time European Angels had properly met eachother in a dedicated conference. The idea behind it was to help to create a forum for active European seed investors. Quite why it’s taken this long for them do a site off the back of the event is a mystery but those Seedcamp guys do travel a lot.

As Seedcamp says, Europe doesn’t have the “the density of either the VC or angel money available in the Valley,” but perhaps this will increase the density and the transparency. At the least, Angels are listed whether they invested in the Seedcamp fund or not. The caveat of course is that this is not an independent media outfit – Seedcamp has skin in the game itself. It also means any Angel on the list – including Seedcamp – will see any deal pasing through the site. Having said that, we’d encourage European Angels to sign up, since anything that brings Europe’s scattered, disparate scene together is a good thing, frankly.

There is a dedicated space for both investors and entrepreneurs on the site and more features are planned.

Seedcamp will also host two full Seedsummit events for active angel and seed investors this year. The first will be taking place in January, right after Seedcamp London, and a Seedsummit in New York City in June aiming to connect Seed investors across the Atlantic.

Seedcamp is tieing up the loose ends in its quest to cross-cross the globe. Question, are others keeping up?