adds Facebook to its curated newspaper armoury, the startup out of Switzerland which has gotten potential investors hot under the collar after garner a lot of traction for a Twitter app in a short amount of time, has gone and added Facebook status updates to its armoury. Currently it’s best known for auto-magically curating a daily newspaper from the links shared by the people you follow on Twitter. This time it’s public Facebook status updates.

As co-founder Iskander Pols says “It is a bit like our Twitter tag papers, but for Facebook… Facebook currently supports very basic keyword searches on public posts – so a paper based on the search ‘climate energy’ will find all posts containing both words – then extracts all links, videos and photos, analyzes them, ranks them and creates the paper in a similar fashion to Twitter papers.

An example is Wikileaks news on Facebook.

However, while right now they create papers based on Facebook searches of all public posts they are working on creating papers based on individual accounts, but these will then be private, i.e. readable only by the account holder.

The startup is already looking into other possibilities with Facebook such as papers created out of groups.