Cloudstock: Salesforce’s Colony Of Hackers (TCTV)

We spent yesterday at Salesforce’s first ever hackathon, called Cloudstock, which aimed to spur innovative uses of cloud-based APIs. Developers were given a choice of over 20 different platforms they could build off of including;, Twilio, LinkedIn, Amazon Web Services, Google, and more.

Hacks ranged from an image resizing tool for Salesforce apps to an SMS-based contact manager to a mashup of LinkedIn contacts with Yahoo job listings. We even caught a Twilio-based SMS game that conference attendees played during intermission.

Out of over 30 applications, judges chose five startups to highlight and here are the winners:

Best in Show: Tic Tac Toe using Twilio API.

Best Enterprise Application: Salesforce to eBay listing app.

Best Mobile Application: Geo address book. Created by Andrew Mager and Chris Hutchins of Simple Geo, the app allows you to search your LinkedIn and Salesforce contacts by your location.

Best Commercial Application: Event reminder app Boomerang.