WITN: Rambling Hotel Complaint Edition (Plus Some Ideas For Travel Businesses)

Not satisfied with upsetting the entire London web sector, Paul is apparently determined to take on the city’s hospitality industry too.

For the first three minutes of this week’s Why Is This News he abuses his TechCrunch power to vent at the St Martins Lane Hotel for banning him from doing press interviews in his hotel room. Which we’re sure viewers will agree is the most egregious corporate abuse of power since Steve Jobs was forced to wait for a table at Flour + Water.

Still, the self-interested preamble eventually gives way to the main topics of the show: how un-disruptive the hotel industry still is, and Sarah and Paul’s ideas for businesses that might make travel less painful. How much would you pay for a pack that gives you everything you need to survive in a strange new city?

Video below. (Contains swearing about how much Paul hates the St Martins Lane Hotel)