Playstation Phone controls spotted lurking in the Android Gingerbread SDK

L1. L2. R1. R2. If those aren’t ringing any bells, you’ve really gotta spend some time with a Playstation. As any kid born in the last few decades could tell you without hesitation, those are the names given to the four shoulder triggers found on a Playstation controller.

And, hey, whatd’ya know: those same four buttons have managed to sneak their way into just-released SDK for Gingerbread, otherwise known as Android v2.3, right as an Android-powered Playstation Phone is making laps around the rumor mill.

Interestingly, there’s no sign of the Playstation’s signature Square/Triangle/X/Circle buttons. It seems Google instead opted to dub the buttons with more generic A/B/C (for the top row) and X/Y/Z (for the bottom row) labels within the SDK, presumably in hopes that Sony won’t be the only one gettin’ their game on with Android.

You can find the button’s referenced in the SDK (as being on a “game controller” no less) right here.

[Thanks Andy and Daren!]