MoPub, The DoubleClick For Mobile, Gets Seed Funding From Accel & Harrison Metal

It’s no secret that everyone believes the mobile advertising space is going to be huge. Massively, massively huge. If you need any proof of this, just look to Android. That’s essentially the entire reason it exists. In fact, it could be a $3 billion business by 2014, MoPub CEO Jim Payne believes. Not surprisingly, the investors are right there with him in that belief.

MoPub, a service which can most easily be thought of as “DoubleClick for mobile”, has just received a seed round of funding from Accel Partners and Harrison Metal Capital. The ad-serving platform for mobile apps and websites is an obvious bet as both Rich Wong of Accel and Michael Dearing of Harrison Metal have been heavily involved in the mobile space, with companies like GetJar and AdMob.

Speaking of AdMob, the connections are deep here. Everyone on the MoPub team is either ex-AdMob or ex-Google. And since Google bought AdMob a little over a year ago for upwards for $750 million, that means they’re technically all ex-Google.

We first wrote about MoPub here, when they were one of the initial launch companies to come out of AngelPad, a new startup incubator (also with deep Google ties).

MoPub’s bigger picture plan is to perfect mobile targeting of ads while also creating a system that is seamless for everyone to set up and use. They’re already working with mobile companies like Booyah. They also have an open source SDK to get MoPub running on your app in minutes.

Financial terms of the round we not disclosed.