Why Is The WikiLeaks Twitter Account Only Following TweetBackup?

Even though Amazon and Paypal have severed their relationships with the controversial to say the least WikiLeaks, the @WikiLeaks Twitter account is still holding strong. Some are wondering why Twitter has as of yet to cut ties with the service after this week’s leak of 251,287 diplomatic cables, which pissed some high powered people off to put it lightly.

Perhaps WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is wondering the same thing. Which would explain why only account @WikiLeaks is following at the moment is @TweetBackup, a service that allows you to back up your tweets daily.

Tweetbackup, run by Backupify, requires that you follow it in order to use it, which means that Assange has no other choice but to follow if he wants Tweetbackup to preserve his tweets in case of a takedown.

It’s interesting to note that by some kind of default Assange, who has all eyes on him at the moment, is basically advertising one service and coincidentally one that protects your Twitter data in cases of deletion. I’ve contacted Twitter as to whether they would take down the @WikiLeaks account under any circumstances and have yet to hear back.

In the meantime TweetBackup representative Charlie Ungashick tells TechCrunch that they haven’t tried to DM Assange, despite being the only people in the world who have the power to do so. I’m amazed at their powers of resistance and/or indifference.