Toddlers Pick iPhone Over Windows 7 Phones 10-1

Flashcards for toddlers is a huge business. Ok, I actually have no idea how big of a business it is. But I know parents think they’re an important part of the development of their child, and I have witnessed that toddlers will actually tolerate them for short periods of time. The direct feedback loop is key.

All of this stuff is moving to touch devices, obviously. Children love them, and get how to use them immediately.

Anyhow, interesting data from iTot Apps, the creator of a popular flashcard app for toddlers call, aptly, Toddler Flashcards. The company, by the way, was founded as a hobby by iLike cofounder Hadi Partovi and and Nat Brown, the ex-CTO of iLike.

They have an iPhone version of the app that sells well. And they also have a Windows 7 version. Despite the huge difference in number of available devices, Partovi says he’s surprised that the app only sells 1/10th the number of installs on that platform compared to iOS. Toddler Flashcards is currently ranked #709 for all WP7 apps, and #21 in the paid entertainment category. Despite that they have only sold an average of 7.5 copies a day over a previous week. They sold 71.5 per day on iOS during the same period, about 10x more.

Why do we care? Data like this hints at the total run rate for Win7 phones. Put enough of these data points together and you can start to get a picture of how well the device is selling.

Now please excuse me while I go play startup entrepreneur flashcards. Gotta keep fresh!