Gillmor Gang 12.4.10 (TCTV)

The Gillmor Gang went skinnydipping in the politics and technology of the Streaming Era. Kevin Marks took on the technical discussion, suggesting there is really no difference between downloading and streaming. Of course, he’s absolutely correct. What there is a difference is between the content cartel getting a fivespot per view and a buck a view or a penny a view if you’re one of those guys who are streaming NetFlix endlessly at 8 bucks a month. That would be me, if in fact there was any interesting product on NetFlix after Comcast gets through suing them into oblivion. I got your Net Neutrality right here, pal.

Andrew Keen objects to my constant use of the term “cartel”, accusing me of being old as do a stream of Tweets in the chat room. Of course I’m old, enough to know better; why would I still be using FriendFeed? CrunchGear editor John Biggs makes his Gang debut from his Brooklyn lair, hoping that everything will soon come into his broadband connection so he can avoid risking his life going to the movies. And Robert Scoble couldn’t be happier driving around the Bay Area listening to streamcasts of his favorite startups. As he says, we’re just waiting for Hollywood to name its price so we can get it when and where we want it. If Neil Young can have an iPad app, then anything is possible.