Sega's Golden Axe for iPhone Finally Worthy Of Its Name, Gets Co-Op Play

You kids today (I’m in my mid-20s, which as everyone knows is the age at which you get to start speaking condescendingly about your youth) and your real-time multiplayer co-op gaming at home. Halo? Pffft. Lego Star Wars? Bah! In my day, we had to tromp our arses over to an arcade to find a machine capable of handling all that multi-person action at once. All I needed were a few buds, a pocket of quarters, a Golden Axe machine, and I was set.

That’s why I’m beyond jazzed about some news out of Sega HQ this morning: Golden Axe for iPhone, originally released way back in June of this year, now has the Co-Op gameplay that made the original so great (though this one’s multiplayer is powered by Bluetooth, rather than Bump-elbows-on-a-cramped-arcade-machine-tooth). In other words, it’s finally Golden Axe, instead of some one-player game where you just so happen to be able to play as an axe-wielding dwarf with a vengeance against people who ride dinosaurs..

Now, if only someone would go ahead and port X-Men Arcade over…

You can find it for 99c (that’s what, two credits?) in the App Store.