The Daily Show Tears Into Sarah Palin's Tweets [Video]

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Last time we checked in Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin was using Twitter to contest Gawker over the leak of her book America By Heart, bypassing the “lamestream” media. And she’s managed to catapult herself into the Internet spotlight yet again by using 140 characters to glom off the attention heaped onto the Wikileaks story, see below.!/SarahPalinUSA/status/9251635779866625

The Daily Show’s John Stewart calls her out on this, her tweeting and the media’s extensive coverage of her tweeting in general in the video above, “Like a teenage boy with a crush on the stuck up girl who hates him, the media is fascinated by everything Sarah Palin tweets.”

“I tweet that’s the way I roll,” Palin responded to critics of her over-reliance on social media, not doing herself any favors actually. Watch the video until the end for Stewart’s brilliant reference to Lincoln’s “Twittersburg Address.”

h/t Danny Sullivan