Ask a VC: Jeremy Liew on Suits, Marijuana, and his most Underrated Investment (TCTV)

I’m hearing rumors that Ask a VC is getting big in pockets of Harvard Business School, which explains an increasingly sophisticated caliber of email questions over the last few weeks. Appropriately, we had the only suited VC in Silicon Valley on this week to answer them. (Ok, not in that picture. That was taken before his “MadMen” phase.)

Jeremy Liew of Lightspeed Venture Partners joined me this week, and we talked about how important engineering is to a startup, what you should do after you get your MBA, and whether the social games game is over and Zynga is the default winner. At the end, we dive into Liew’s portfolio a bit: He talks up ShoeDazzle, and I grill him about the future of RockYou.

Not enough Liew? You can catch his annual list of tech predictions here today too.