TechCrunch Europe to help judge The Telegraph's Start-Up 100 list

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It’s always ‘a good thing’ when mainstream media outlets get behind the tech startup community, often in the form of a “Top 100” listing or similar. Hopefully their picks reflect the scene well. But at their worst they end up as a rather out of date list of tech companies (some doing well, some not so well) or a list which is way off the mark.

However, we’ve decided to join The Telegraph, a UK quality daily, in its endeavour to create a “Tech Start-Up 100” which will take a shot at creating a new guide to European start-ups. This is the first tie-up between TechCrunch Europe and a UK national newspaper (but we open to working with newspapers and mainstream media outlets in each European country).

Should TechCrunch Europe be doing this kind of thing itself? Well we have plans of our own, which will be closer to an Index you can track regularly. More of that later.

But for now, what’s cool about The Telegraph’s initiative is that they will be putting together a judging panel consisting of experts in the space, which TechCrunch Europe is participating in, and producing a list in February 2011.

Their Start-Up 100 homepage is here, and here’s more information.

  • JohannQ

    “A UK quality daily” = oxymoron

    There are no good major newspapers from the UK. At least you got The Economist, otherwise I would think your print journalists are really redundant and superflous…

  • Digitalle

    Sounds like great project! Look forward to seeing further details, and maybe entering our great startup,

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