OnLive PlayPack: Unlimited Access To 40+ Games For $9.99 A Month

I get OnLive. I’ve played with the new unit for a few days now and it’s clearly for a household like mine where video games isn’t a major affair. It allows someone like myself to pick up the controller, browse the selection of games and then start playing any of the available games nearly immediately. The just-announced PlayPack counters the biggest hurdle for casual gamers: the high initial cost of games.

Starting today for OnLive Game System owners, this flat-rate plan grants access to a sizable chunk of the OnLive library. Better even yet, since the plan is in beta until January 15, 2011 when it will be available to all OnLive members, this pack is available free of charge till then. Who doesn’t like free games? No one, that’s who.

The free trials, 3- and 5-day rentals, and Full PlayPass will still be available, where the PlayPack will only be available with select games with new-releases generally not hitting the plan. 40 titles should launch next month under the PlayPack header a fair amount being slightly older popular titles such as Prince of Persia, NBA 2K10, LEGO Batman. It’s this sort of novel approach that will makes OnLive appealing to the non-gamers like myself.

I really do not care if I play the latest and greatest console shooter. It’s just nice to be able to pick up the OnLive controller and play a mind-numbing game occasionally. The PlayPack allows for just that. In many ways, it reminds me of the philosophy behind emulators as the games might not be the latest, but instead, they’re considered classics and there’s a large selection to choose from.

OnLive’s model attempts to build upon the success of video streaming with a similar price point and thought process. Combined with the previous purchase/play options, there really isn’t a more versatile gaming solution available. That is of course if Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo doesn’t hop on the streaming train and out a similar solution, therefore absolutely killing the appeal of OnLive.

Expect my full overview of the system in a few days. So far I’m really enjoying the convenience and over all experience though.