OnLive PlayPack: Unlimited Access To 40+ Games For $9.99 A Month

I get OnLive. I’ve played with the new unit for a few days now and it’s clearly for a household like mine where video games isn’t a major affair. It allows someone like myself to pick up the controller, browse the selection of games and then start playing any of the available games nearly immediately. The just-announced PlayPack counters the biggest hurdle for casual gamers: the high initial cost of games.

Starting today for OnLive Game System owners, this flat-rate plan grants access to a sizable chunk of the OnLive library. Better even yet, since the plan is in beta until January 15, 2011 when it will be available to all OnLive members, this pack is available free of charge till then. Who doesn’t like free games? No one, that’s who.

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