Meet Cloud Picker, Google's Stealthy New Storage Product

What is Google Cloud Picker? According to these Blogger Forums, Sites Forums, and others, Google has been testing a new online storage tool called, you guessed it, Cloud Picker.

From these accounts, it appears that the tool is connected somehow to Google Apps, Docs, and Sites, and was presented to users when they tried to insert a file or image into a Google site. When they tried to embed the file, a “Google Cloud Picker” window opened and asked users to log-in to their Google Accounts.

Many users flocked to the forums because Cloud Picker wouldn’t work with any Google Apps account. When used with a regular Gmail account, the Cloud Picker brought users to a Google landing page with “Profile” and “Personal Settings” at the top and “My Products” at the bottom.

One user posted an image of Cloud Picker, which does shed a little more light on what the product is. It appears that it is a new storage product that allows users to organize and search photos, documents, videos and more that are stored in the cloud. From the looks of it, it seems more consumer focused as opposed to an enterprise tool.

Of course, this is all anecdotal so we are surely missing key elements of Cloud Picker. But when we contacted Google to learn more about the new product, we received this response from a spokesperson:

Oops… looks like someone pushed some code too quickly. It’s not quite ready for prime time yet but stay tuned!

So I think we we can expect a product either named Cloud Picker or something similar to Cloud Picker in the near future.