Google Takes Steps To Combat Copyright-Infringing "Bad Apples"

The web and copyright sometimes butt heads as we learned from the recent Cooks Source fiasco. Google often find itself at the center of these copyright battles and DCMA takedown requests. It looks like Google has made adjustments to procedures to help respond to infringing content by “bad apples”, and address copyright issues that involve Google as a search engine.

Google says it is receiving a growing number of copyright requests to take content down and will now act on these requests within 24 hours. The search giant is in the process of building tools to improve the submission process for DMCA requests, particularly with Google’s blogging platform Blogger and search portal.

On the flip side, Google has improved its “counter-notice” tools for those who believe their content was wrongly removed. Google has also updated autocomplete in Google search to prevent terms that are associated from privacy to appear in the search box.

AdSense’s anti-piracy review will also be improved to work with rightsholders to identify publishers that are ripping off content from others and remove these publishers from serving AdSense ads.

Google also says that it is planning to experiment with making authorised preview content more readily accessible in search results. While it’s unclear how Google will filter this, the company says that it will be working to make authorized content easier to index and find.

Google notes that these changes will be rolled out over the next few months.

Photo Credit/Flickr/MikeBlogs