Google Subtly Shows Off Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) On Video, No One Notices For A Week

The original video got pulled… but someone re-uploaded it. If this goes down, hopefully we can find a more permanent source.

Oh, Google Hong Kong — you tricksters.

That video up above? Watch closely. Really, really closely. Well, skip all the iPhone stuff at the beginning, then watch closely. Notice the green and black status bar? The slightly modified buttons? The subtle tweaks in the Android Market? That, friends, is the as-of-yet unreleased Gingerbread update (Android v2.3). Sure, this footage isn’t the most riveting — but it’s easily the clearest clip of Gingerbread we’ve seen to date, and has been sitting on Google Hong Kong’s YouTube account for around a week now unnoticed.

Check out a few comparison shots of the oh-so-subtle differences behind the jump.

(Note the status bar, and green highlights in the once totally grey icons)

(Note the knew black/green styling in the Settings screen)

[AndroidHK Via AndroidPolice]