Eduardo Saverin Beats Mark Zuckerberg to Indonesia

Someone needs to make me a “Where in the world is Eduardo Saverin?” logo. Following up on my story that he was holed up in a penthouse in Singapore investing in Facebook games, comes news that Saverin has hopped over to Indonesia to meet with some startups.

Pictured to the left is Saverin with Aria Rajasa¬†of GantiBaju– a company I wrote about here that won the SparkxUp awards in Jakarta last month. Said one person in Jakarta’s Web scene, “It was supposed to be a secret, but some people can’t keep a photo with him to themselves.”

In case we all forgot, Indonesia is Facebook’s second largest market, and Facebook has neglected to send an executive there to check things out. (Although I should give them props for calling back Nexian after this post ran.) No doubt Saverin got a hero’s welcome as the first Facebook founder to show local entrepreneurs any love.