Opera Hits 150 Million Users, Announces The Milestone In A Super Creative Way

“Check out Opera.com“, a spokesperson for the eponymous Norwegian software company asks of me. I oblige, and what I see seems to be Opera Software co-founder Jon S. von Tetzchner‘s email inbox, browseable and all.

Evidently, this isn’t the man’s actual email inbox, but seemingly the result of a night of drunken brainstorming by the marketing team at the wacky browser software maker.

Nevertheless, the actual news can be gathered by browsing the emails to von Tetzchner: Opera has apparently hit the 150 million user milestone.

That is up from 140 million last September, if you’re keeping count.

For the record, this is the total number of users, across the board, which means that they’re counting both their desktop and mobile browsers’ users as well as people using its products on connected devices other than phones and computers, e.g. television sets.

Obviously, that means there’s some overlap in users, but nevertheless, it represents tremendous growth for the oft-underestimated company.