Me v Gary Vee: Is Social Media Over-rated? (Spoiler Alert: Yeah) [Video]

9am, 36,000 feet and I’m the only one on this flight not wearing a cowboy hat.

For reasons still not entirely clear to me, I’m on Virgin America’s inaugural flight from Los Angeles to Dallas, drinking my fourth coffee of the day and sapping the free Google-sponsored wifi while everyone else gnashes their teeth because some idiot Brit – where’s his hat, anyway? – is making the Internet slow.

Given how much magical technology I’m using right now, it’s perhaps fitting that I’m using it share the video of my CNNMoney / Webbys debate with Gary Vaynerchuk on whether social media is overrated. A debate in which I’m the designated nay-sayer; the token Luddite.

You can watch the full debate, moderated by CNNMoney’s Laurie Segall, below  – or browse some of the highlights here.

Ok, I’m off to try to find Richard Branson and ask him about this iPad magazine nonsense.