• Why Is This News – Live NYE Spotify US Launch Countdown Edition!

    It’s fair to say that, of all of the writers at TechCrunch, we’re the ones who have been most skeptical about Swedish music startup (and newly-minted verb) Spotify. And for what reason? Because the company lied to us on multiple occasions? Because they routinely brief journalists with off the record half-truths, and then later deny those same reports? Because CEO Daniel Ek… Read More

  • A List Of The Best Of The Best Meme Lists Of 2010

    In this decade the Internet replaced television as our primary mode of disseminating culture. Many people are more familiar with Antoine Dodson’s “Hide your kids/Hide your wife” than any catchphrase currently on television (Remember the days of being able to say stuff you heard on TV like “No soup for you” or “Don’t have a cow, man” and have… Read More

  • An iPhone Lover's Take On The Nexus S

    An iPhone Lover's Take On The Nexus S

    There’s a scene in Iron Man 2 in which Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) shows off the mechanical soliders he has been working on — his would-be “Iron Man-killers”. Unfortunately, while they may look somewhat impressive, his machines malfunction and the demo goes horribly awry. His knock-offs are junk. This scene reminds me a lot of what the first Android phone, the G1, was… Read More

  • Sony In Talks To Buy IMAX?

    There are rumors going around right now that Sony is going to make a play for IMAX. Since IMAX is a major (so to speak) venue for 3D films, it makes some sense, and the sale would put Sony in control of a large amount of high-profile theaters around the country. How does that sound to you? Not so good? Yeah, same here. Read More

  • CES May Have Flexible Displays From Samsung, Others

    Lots of companies are getting in the flexible display R&D, but few have actually shown anything but prototypes. That’s not likely to change at CES this year, but we may see a few new items; Samsung is now showing off a 4.5″ AMOLED display that’s both flexible and transparent. Nice! Read More

  • How Space Jam’s Website Went Viral. Space Jam’s 1996 Website, That Is.

    A couple of days ago Reddit user Jeff Ubelhor was talking to his friends about something or other and Space Jam, the movie starring Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan, came up (he swears they weren’t stoned). They checked on the website and realized that it hadn’t been touched since 1996. “From there I decided to post it on Reddit,” says Ubelhor “Because I thought it… Read More

  • My 23-Year-Old Self Was Wrong About Salon.com. Like, Really Wrong.

    A few hours to go until 2011, and I’m busy drawing up my list of New Year’s resolutions. A major one: to stop writing about TechCrunch commenters. After all, to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, it’s like wrestling with a pig: you both get dirty and the pig enjoys it. Still, that leaves me just enough time – eight hours, and counting – to sneak in one last journey… Read More

  • Olympus E-PL2 Turns Into Doctor Octopus With Lights

    The Olympus E-PL2 is due to hit retailers soon, and we’re starting to see pictures of the accessories that will be available. Sure, there’s the standard fisheye, macro, and wide angle lenses; but what other camera has lights on flexible arms? Read More

  • Facebook Numbers – A 20 minute snapshot shows status updates just ahead of Twitter

    Facebook just released some raw statistics from its progress this last year. They pretty much speak for themselves. This was a random 20min snapshot from one point in time. But what stands out perhaps is in one 20 minute block there were 1,851,000 Status updates (just status updates, not comments). In other words, that would be not too far ahead of Twitter’s realtime status update… Read More

  • 2011 Tech Outlook for Android, HTML5 and Chrome OS

    OMG/JK: Shiny Hats And Crystal Balls

    It’s time for a special New Years-themed edition of OMG/JK, and we’ve really gone all out with our costumes. From shiny hats to incredibly cheap kazoos, we’re ready to ring in 2011 with a bang. Oh, and we’ve got some technology to talk about. Because there hasn’t been much major news in the tech world this week, we decided to spend most of the show discussing some… Read More

  • More PS One Classics From Square-Enix Coming To PS3

    Been hoping to play a little Xenogears or Vagrant Story, but don’t want to drag out your old PS One? Well, you’re very lazy and should be ashamed of yourself. But soon it won’t matter, because these classics are coming to the PS3 as downloadable PSN games. Read More

  • China "Outlaws" VoIP, Creates VoIP Reporting Hotline

    The State Ministry of Industry in China has “outlawed” VoIP calling, suggesting workers use good old China telecom for their important calls out into the Capitalist wilds. According to a report, the ministry suggested that 30 million current users are using “illegal VoIP operators” and they have been given a number to call to report use of VoIP in their neighborhoods. Read More

  • And Now, A 110-Minute Video Review Of Star Wars: Episode III

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKYsh8C%5D
    After the last two epic Star Wars prequel reviews, you know what you’re getting into: an at-length breakdown of everything that went wrong with Episode III. Watch it before you go out tonight so you can be the one who’s seen it. Because that’s cool, or something? Why would I recommend that? [again via Metafilter] Read More

  • A Look At Some Of The Biggest Tech Stories Of 2010

    A Look At Some Of The Biggest Tech Stories Of 2010

    It’s New Year’s Eve, and there’s nothing that compliments a glass of celebratory champagne better than reflecting on the past year in technology news (really, it’s a blast). One of the best roundups just went up over on Techmeme, which has posted its annual “quasi-objective” list of the top 50 stories based how many links and citations each post… Read More

  • Progress Bar Illusions

    http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1 I always wondered why OS X progress bars had an odd ripple effect and now we know: rippling progress bars seem to move faster across the screen, making you think stuff is getting done faster. And now you know, and we all know what knowing is half of. via Dvorak Read More

  • Supposed HTC Thunderbolt Specs Leaked: 1.2 Ghz Dual-Core CPU, 5 Megapixel Front Camera, And More!

    At this point, Verizon’s upcoming 4G-friendly Android phone, the HTC Thunderbolt, is about as secret as my undying love for oxygen. While its gone by different names over time (from the Incredible HD, to “Mecha”, to the current Thunderbolt moniker), we’ve seen leak, after leak, after leak with this thing. One thing, however, has managed to remain elusive: the spec sheet. Read More

  • Drunk TechCrunch Is Drunk. (Happy New Year!)

    Drunk TechCrunch Is Drunk. (Happy New Year!)

    It’s New Year’s Eve and you know what that means — an adult beverage or two might be had by many people around the world this evening. That includes many TechCrunch staffers. And while drunk blogging is generally frowned upon, it would be interesting to see what the site would look like if everyone wrote while intoxicated. (Yes, yes, insert the NOT THAT DIFFERENT joke… Read More

  • Amazon & GameStop Put Duke Nukem Forever At May 31

    Duke Nukem Forever has popped up on Amazon and GameStop with a May 31, 2011 release date. Considering both pre-order pages are linked from the official Duke Nukem Forever Web site there’s probably a good chance that the game will be spinning inside your 360/PS3 on (or by) that date. Read More

  • Why Roger Ebert Doesn't Like Video Games: He Became Obsessed With TMNT

    It’s easy to understad Roger Ebert’s position that games aren’t art when you realize that he once became addicted to TMNT on the NES, arguably one of the hardest and, I believe, worst games on the platform. In this video clip from the Siskel & Ebert 1989 gift guide, Ebert reported that he “started playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with it. And after a while, after… Read More

  • How To Avoid Getting Fired From Your Own Company

    How To Avoid Getting Fired From Your Own Company

    If you start a company, it will probably happen to you someday. Maybe it will be your VC or a board member. Maybe it will be your co-founder. Sooner or later, they’ll try to fire you. I’m an investor in or advisor to dozens of startups, and at least once a quarter, I get the call: “Chris, they’re trying to fire me.” (The other urgent call I get is when… Read More

  • 2010 In Review: The Fortunate Winners And The Pathetic Losers

    Oh, 2010. It was glorious, but thank the almighty prancing unicorn in the sky that it’s over. It was the year of the iPad, really. Steve Jobs took to the stage of Moscone Center, sat down, and proceeded to show the world how he wanted us to interact with the Internet — several million consumers followed suit immediately. But there was so much more, too! Of course, not everyone had… Read More

  • The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

    My advice for the new year: go East and South, young man and woman … and investor. America, Europe, and Japan are stagnant and ponderous. More and more, in the coming years, the real moving and shaking will happen elsewhere. “2011 will be the year Android explodes!” cried a recent headline, citing a new Broadcom chipset that will reportedly make sub-$100 unsubsidized… Read More

  • OpenFeint Sees 187% Spike In Downloads Of iOS Games Over Christmas Holiday

    The holiday season traditionally sees a spike in mobile app downloads as users receive new devices and have more free time to interact with their phones. Today mobile social gaming platform OpenFeint is reporting that it added over 450,000 new users on Christmas day, which is a 184% spike over its daily average and the largest single day in its history in terms of new users. And the network… Read More

  • Borders Looking Bleak Despite Ereader Offerings

    Book chain Borders sales are looking bleak and the company is apparently not paying publishers. The company is down two-fold over last year and, although some talks point to a potential Barnes & Noble merger, nothing has been finalized. Read More

  • The Year In Virtual Goods By The Numbers

    The global virtual goods industry put up some very impressive numbers this year. From special Easter eggs to virtual ad campaigns, virtual goods sales have grabbed their share of headlines over the past twelve months. Now with social gaming on the rise and everyone from your teenage nephew to your grandma to your old rugby teammate buying a “little something” to sweeten their… Read More

  • What 20 Minutes On Facebook Looks Like: 1M Shared Links, 2.7M Photos Uploaded, 10.2M Comments

    Democracy UK, a UK-focused political campaigning initiative by Facebook, has just released a number of mind-blowing stats on the massive usage of the network by its 500-plus million members in 2010. Over the course of the year, Facebook reports that 43,869,800 members changed their status to single, 3,025,791 changed their status to “it’s complicated”, 28,460,516 changed… Read More

  • Bill Murray On Tech

    “I don’t mind robots. I mean, R2D2 was alright. He was a fine actor.” Read More

  • Eleven 3D Printing Predictions For the Year 2011

    This is a guest post by Joris Peels, the Community Manager of i.materialise, a 3D printing service for designers, inventors and consumers. They are part of Materialise, a company with over 20 years experience in 3D printing and the market leader in 3D printing services and software. Making predictions is a sure fire path towards getting ridiculed. But, I’ll be brave and go right ahead… Read More

  • Eleven 3D Printing Predictions For the Year 2011

    This is a guest post by Joris Peels, the Community Manager of i.materialise, a 3D printing service for designers, inventors and consumers. They are part of Materialise, a company with over 20 years experience in 3D printing and the market leader in 3D printing services and software. Making predictions is a sure fire path towards getting ridiculed. But, I’ll be brave and go right ahead… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Out With The Old Edition

    Proof That We’re Living In The Future: The iPhone Heart Monitor
    O Canada! World’s Most Web Connected Land
    Android Malware Being Distributed On Chinese Markets
    NookColor is Barnes & Noble’s Top Seller This Holiday
    LG’s Smart TV Upgrader Is Kind Of Dumb Read More

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