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Social games publisher Jolt Online brings Playboy to Facebook – "don't tell your girlfriend"

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Is there no escape from the Playboy franchise? Jolt Online, the Ireland-based social games publisher that was acquired by GameStop last December, has unveiled its latest Facebook game: Playboy Party.

Described as featuring “pretty much all the things that you can imagine from a Facebook Playboy game” – I haven’t a clue what that means – the accompanying press release assures us that you’ll “find it entertaining”.

“This is our Christmas present to the Internet”, proudly boasts Dylan Collins, Chairman of Jolt Online Gaming. “We almost went blind developing this game but we think that Playboy Party will keep you entertained anywhere you can access your Facebook account”.

Ooh err.

If you’re of the social gaming type, you can swap farm animals for Playboy bunnies by visiting or search for ‘Playboy Party’. Oh, and a word of warning: “Jolt is not responsible for any loss of sex life that may occur if you post Playboy Party stories to your newsfeed which your girlfriend then reads.”

Still tempted?

Just make sure you have a handle on Facebook’s byzantine privacy controls.

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    well the game is really nice, it think its gona make its mark :)

  • Eric - SC2 Strategy

    I don’t get it – I mean it sounds cool (to my dirty mind) but I’m guessing if FB approves it it probably sucks and is basically G rated…oh wait, I’m thinking of Apple.

  • Kasidie

    lol, well the writer doesn’t seem to understand the Playboy brand, as it’s more and more about couples. Most girlfriends (and wives) are the first to grab Playboy out of the mailbox and “read” it. So yes, absolutely tell your girlfriend (or wife…or both), as she’ll want to play it with (and probably without) you!

  • Ankur Kuchlous

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  • ITManx Ltd

    I’m already sick to the back teeth of Facebook games, yeah they are fun for a few minutes but some people spend far too much time on them!

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  • eL Abee

    i think i’m gonna try this

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  • Admin

    Great game! I like it

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