Reeder For Mac Beta Goes Live. Reeder For iPhone Gains Facebook Support

A couple weeks ago, we did a preview of Reeder for Mac, a new RSS desktop client. In my mind, Reeder for iPhone/iPad is easily the best RSS reading app out there, and Reeder for Mac continues that tradition. But now you can find out for yourself. Developer Silvio Rizzi has released the first public beta today right here.

Rizzi is careful to note that this is just “Draft 1” of the software, but I’ve been using the alpha builds for weeks, and it’s pretty polished. Some key features, such as feed management, are missing. But because Reeder is built on top of Google Reader, you can manage it all from there. Rizzi notes that both feed management and more importantly, search, are coming soon.

Alongside the Reeder for Mac beta roll out today, Rizzi also managed to launch the latest version of Reeder for iPhone as well. 2.2 brings a few nice additions, but two things stand out about all else. First, there’s finally a way to share articles to Facebook. Second, there’s a new option to send an article to Instapaper or ReadItLater with one swipe of your finger.

The latter allows you to replace the ability to “Star” an item with the ability to send it to one of those services. If you change this in the options, one swipe to the left will save any article instantly for you to read later — pretty nifty.

So now that Reeder for Mac is out there in beta form, the next obvious question is: will there be a PC version? “Sorry, that’s not planned,” Rizzi wrote earlier today on Twitter. He did tell us a couple weeks ago that he was considering releasing the app in the upcoming Mac App Store though.