If This Model Train Was Much Bigger, They'd Just Call It A Train

In some families, the holidays are a chance to take out the old model train, have it run around the house a bit, and revel in nostalgia. At Tokyo’s Make Fair, however, the model train is just another hobby to be taken to extremes. This awesome train was spotted a couple days ago, and is probably about as large as you can get (1:8.4) before you start having to apply for a moving vehicle license for the thing.

It’s powered by a gas turbine engine and seems to have enough torque to carry its creator back and forth (like a boss, as Gizmag notes), though I can think of heavier cargo.

Hidepon Works has actually been making these for quite a while; you can see more pictures and video at their site, which is of course in Japanese. I want one of these things in my neighborhood.

[via Gizmag and Neatorama]