If Google buys Groupon, what does that mean for the UK? Shakeout.

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As Google allegedly courts Groupon with acquisition offers of up to $6 billion, we thought it worthwhile to bring you an update on the UK ‘deal-of-the-day’ sites.

And perhaps the best way to think about this is in terms of supermarket brands. No, really, hear me out on this one, it sort of works.

As we know Groupon expanded into Europe by buying the discount supermarket of the space, the Walmart or Asda if you will: MyCityDeal. MyCityDeal was the pile it high sell it cheap of the pack, had the biggest volumes and was aimed at the mid-to-low tier discount space.

LivingSocial is another US entrant which is expanding across the UK, but we’ve heard that sales volumes are medium to low and seem caught between the cheap deals and the high end market.

KGBdeals is owned by The Number UK Ltd, otherwise known as “118 118”, a wholly owned subsidiary of US directory enquiries provider Knowledge Generation Bureau – hence KGB (not the old secret Russian police, as the name actually suggests – did no-one tell them this when they named it?). KGBdeals are the “Lidl” of the space since they are sending out deals based on what they can pack into the store cheap, just like Lidl.

The remaining players, Wowcher, Groupola, Crowdity are all much smaller in the space. Indeed, Groupola is doing the worst of these, we hear. Crowdity are only offering free deals (no commissions).

Lastly, based out of London and backed by Index Ventures and PRO-Founders Capital, Keynoir launched in April this year and claims to be the No. 2 player after MyCityDeal, but there is an important difference here.

It’s aimed at the higher end or quality end of the group buying market (let’s call it the Ocado / Waitrose of the pack). Alone among the Groupon clones it’s done things like do offers on 3 Michelin starred restaurants and locking in high-end providers to its deals so they don’t offer them on other sites. This “handpicked” approach offers deep discounts for a single day to trigger buying behaviour.

Can it possibly scale with this handpicked approach? CEO Phil Wilkinson tells me “Handpicked means we do more outbound sales than inbound as we like to lead with the people we want to feature first.” He says none of the sales are self serve and their editors see a place, talk to the owners, write up a deal, and get great photos.

That seems like a lot of work but Wilkinson insists it’s core to the brand and he wants to be to daily deal sites what “Mr and Mrs Smith” is to hotels.

However, he says this would not prevent a roll-out of the same model to other countries. Because of this high end focus, it’s aiming at profitability in January 2011.

I guess because of this, with the mark-up being so much bigger on each item, it could just about scale.

Of course, ultimately if Google buy Groupon, then it really will have the muscle to scale, possibly leaving a high-end player like Keynoir well alone to its richer pickings.

  • http://blog.jedchristiansen.com Jed Christiansen

    Mike, I’d recommend a quick grammar check of posts/titles in the future!

    Title: “what does that means for the UK” (vs. “mean”)

    That said, I completely agree with your analysis. I’ve tried GroupOn (hated it), but have been a long-time fan/purchaser via Keynoir because they have stuff I actually *want.* I don’t think they’ll see any real threat from GroupOn, and could potentially see a benefit if it raises the profile of group buying sites in general.

    (Final nit-pick, Michelin stars only go up to 3, not 5!)


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    […] 此刻Google正就收購Groupon進行談判 […]

  • http://www.andywhyte.com AndyWhyteUK

    I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a grammar error, more a typo.

  • http://www.biodeals.de JohannQ

    German number 2 and “archrival” of the former McCityDeal-ers, Dailydeal, is also considering a launch in the UK, it seems…


  • mediaco

    There is no doubt that groupon, groupola, keynoir etc have validated daily deals as a credible market. Job well done

    However, they are building their businesses on the back of the media co’s they work with who are conceding the market in return for 10%+ affiliate commissions.

    If I were them, I’d now either build my own offer or work with a platform like http://www.wantsa.com to do the deals myself. Not just daily deals but the range of deals popoular now and in the future. The value in this business is with the orginator if the deal. This way the mediaco can get upto 75% of the revenue, not a measley 10%.

    Just a thought….

  • http://www.coupobox.co.uk Satav

    Keynoir (sorry guys) is definitely not No2. Just check the stats at http://coupobox.co.uk or similar pages. Dailydeal is coming, that’s true and with some small ones blowing away around Christmas and the marriage of “grou-gle” we will see some pretty surprises in 2011! Stay tuned

  • Admin

    Groupon won’t be sold to Google

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