Windows Live Spaces Transition To WordPress Creates 1 Million New Blogs

Last September at TechCrunch Disrupt, Microsoft announced that all 7 million Windows Live Spaces blogs would be transitioning to It turned out that number was inflated, and a subsequent internal email put the real number of transitioned blogs at 300,000.

Well, the number of Windows Live Spaces blogs which have transitioned over to is now at “over half a million” and another half a million new WordPress blogs have been created by Windows Live users. So that brings the total new WordPress blogs created as a result of the partnership to one million.

The total won’t get to 7 million by March, 2011 when Windows Live Spaces blogs will no longer be supported. But many of those are dead blogs anyway. A million new WordPress blogs is nothing to sneeze at. Since the deal was announced, the number of new blog sign-ups at has more than doubled from 400,000 a month to 900,000 a month.