Welcome Elin, Our New Community Manager

Over the last few weeks, you may have noticed that the official TechCrunch Facebook Page is more happening than ever, with better updates and, soon, regular weekly contests for our readers. And that’s only the beginning — you’re going to start seeing similar improvements to our Twitter account, Buzz, and most important, TechCrunch itself. Today, we’d like to introduce Elin Blesener, our community manager.

As TechCrunch has grown in readership, it’s become home to a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and plenty of other remarkably intelligent (and good looking) people. Unfortunately, the site has also attracted its fair share of trolls and spammers. We want our comment threads to be places of engaging discussion, constructive criticism, and the occasional funny quip — but we’re finding that things get out of hand all too often. Elin is going to help us get things back on track.

We’ll be releasing a set of guidelines in the near future that focus on helping improve our comments, and Elin will help keep the conversation in check both in our comment threads and across our other social media accounts. She’s also equipped with a banhammer, which she’ll use if she comes across any users who are consistently being spammy or offensive. But we don’t think she’ll need to use it too often.

We also have some other exciting plans to help engage our community, but we’re not ready to talk about them just yet. So welcome Elin! You’ll be seeing her name a lot more often from now on. And don’t worry, your usual gang of TC writers will be as active in the comments as ever.