Over 60,000 click on scam Facebook app which claims you can see who checked your profile

Over 60,000 people have been hit in the past few hours on Facebook by a scam which claims that after installing an app called ePrivacy you can see who checked your profile. Needless to say the app does not work. Instead it just lets the scammer access your profile and post “OMG OMG OMG… I cant believe this actually works!” to your wall, with a link to the app, thus spreading it further.

Sophos is reporting that the application does not work and simply allows the makers to steal your private data and virally spread the app amongst your friends.

The best way to check you privacy settings and remove the app is to go to Account -> Privacy Settings -> Applications and Websites.

The scammers are simply playing on peoples desire to see who looks at them on Facebook – which rather makes me wonder why Facebook doesn’t just release an official app for this and keep the scammers out.

Facebook has been informed of the app.