• Facebook "Thinking" Of Offering Mass Contact Export Since 2004

    The flames of contact infogate got stoked again this weekend with the release of a particularly inflammatory Google Chrome Extension “Facebook Doesn’t Own My Friends.” The extension was taken down minutes after our post went up and I have still heard no word from Facebook or Google on which was responsible for the shut down (my guess is that Facebook changed its email… Read More

  • Momento Is Perhaps The Perfect Passive Diary App

    To me, one of the most interesting thing about Foursquare is the History tab. It transforms the service from a “where you are” app, into a “where you were” log. In a way, it’s sort of like a diary. I wish Twitter was better at this idea as well. Because what I tweeted a year ago says something about how I was feeling, or what I was doing back then. In fact, a lot… Read More

  • The Hobbit To Be Shot on Thirty RED Epic Cameras

    I like to cover RED stuff here at CrunchGear, because I just like the idea of complacent industries getting kicked the pants by a newcomer. There have been innumerable delays and price hikes, but the RED line of professional digital cameras has impressed some of the big names in cinema from the start — perhaps most famously Peter Jackson, whose “Crossing The Line” short… Read More

  • Review: EA Sports Active 2 For Kinect

    Short version: EA Sports Active 2 can be your own personal trainer if you manage to set up Kinect properly and you have space where you can exercise. The online tracking is a nice addition and the exercises are great. If you’re looking for something to keep you healthy on the long run, this is for you. Read More

  • Phone SIM Locks: Why Do Carriers Even Bother?

    We’ve been down this road before: a new iOS version is released that undoes all of the nasty stuff hackers did to the previous version. A week later those same hackers blow out a jailbreak and then a few days later they release a full unlock (the latest iOS unlock is only for 3G and 3GS right now, so iPhone 4 users are stuck for now.) Given that this is pretty much standard procedure… Read More

  • It's the Community, Stupid!

    Last week’s guest on Press:Here was Tim Wu, author of the new book Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires. Wu also wrote this guest post for us about why we should all fear Steve Jobs. In general Wu — who gets credit for coming up with the term “Net Neutrality” — has a really important mission whether you agree with him or not: Raising alarm… Read More

  • Symbian Sputters Towards Open-Source Irrelevancy

    Remember two years ago when Nokia open-sourced the Symbian mobile operating system? The thinking was that cell phone manufacturers who depended on the Symbian OS could help keep it going. But it was already too late. The iPhone’s iOS and Android started to take over. Even die-hard Symbian supporters abandoned ship. As the fanboy blogger Symbian Guru explained last summer when he… Read More

  • Index Seed updates us on progress so far

    Index Seed has released an update on it’s progress since launching in April this year and the stats make for interesting reading. Index Seed ‘lead’, Robin Klein of TAG, blogs today that (quoting): • We have an active investment committee comprising 5 partners who meet weekly to review potential investments. Saul Klein, Neil Rimer, Mike Volpi, Danny Rimer and myself… Read More

  • WikiLeaked Diplomatic Cables Confirm China's Politburo Was Behind Google Hacking Incident

    WikiLeaked Diplomatic Cables Confirm China's Politburo Was Behind Google Hacking Incident

    Details about the U.S. State Department cables obtained by WikiLeaks are starting to come out. Although WikiLeaks itself may be under a denial of service attack, it provided several newspapers around the world access to the raw documents it is preparing to release later today. The New York Times just posted it’s first article summarizing the contents of the cables and highlighting the… Read More

  • WikiLeaks Reports It Is Under A Denial Of Service Attack

    A lot of people, including many governments, have problems with WikiLeaks, the site dedicated to publishing sensitive and often classified documents. (Read more background on the controversial organization). The site is currently under a distributed denial of service attack, according to a Tweet from the WikiLeaks account. The site seems to be withstanding the attack so far. It is up… Read More

  • From The MAD TechVentures Conference 2010 In Kuala Lumpur: 22 Pitches From Malaysian Startups

    Earlier this month, I attended the MSC Malaysia MAD TechVentures Conference 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, a two-day tech and web industry event organized by local company MAD Incubator and MSC Malaysia. The launch pad was one of the first of its kind in the country whose Internet and mobile population has been growing rapidly in recent years. (TechCrunch contributor Vivek Wadhwa, coincidentally in… Read More

  • From The Video Vault: Barbie Video Girl

    With holiday shopping season now in full swing, it is time to revisit one of the strangest toys to come out this year. Yes, I am talking about the Barbie Video Girl. Or, as I like to call it, Surveillance Barbie. It is a Barbie doll with a video camera embedded into her chest, a USB port in her back, and batteries in her legs. When Mattel released this $50 Barbie last July, it sparked… Read More