Nokia X7-00 looks like it's from Gallifrey, runs Symbian^3

Still waiting on the edge of your seat for a Symbian^3 device worth buying that truly blows your mind? Take a gander at the puppy up above, folks; if nothing else, the fact that it looks like it’s from Space should garner it a few months. That’s the X7-00, which the rumor mill is sayin’ ought to be the next shiny electronic horse out of Nokia’s Symbian^3 stable.

There’s a video floating around the web, but it doesn’t seem to be lasting very long on any one mirror. Watch it after the cut before it’s gone!

What we know: It’s running Symbian^3 — but as made evident by the four homescreens (as opposed to three, as with every other Symbian^3 device), it’s a build with at least some minor tweaks. On the upside, it looks to have four speakers (which are pretty dang loud, says the ninja behind the video camera), a 360×640 display, microUSB port, and an 8-megapixel camera. On the downside, the battery doesn’t seem to be user replaceable.

So, what’dya say — you sold?
Nokia X7-00 with Symbian^3