Apple's Black Friday Deals: Sufficiently Interesting

Get thee to the Applery! Apple’s Black Friday deals are now up and you can grab:

  • $101 off Macs including the iMac, MacBook Air, and MacBook
  • $41 off of the iPad and the iPod Touch
  • $21 off of the iPod Nano
  • Free shipping on all Apple goodness

A few more deals after the jump.


  • $6.95 off of Civ V
  • $21.95 off of Parallels
  • $5 off the Magic Mouse
  • $51.95 off of the Blue Yeti Microphone

You’re also going to see some nice discounts on other accessories and cases. The Apple items seem like the biggest deal this Black Friday, especially considering you rarely see a real sale on MacBooks except when they introduce new models and drop the price very slightly. We’d also recommend not getting Civ V because it causes a zombie-like trance in most players ages 12-46.

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